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Data Policy and Security

Comprehensive services encompassing audits and assessments to align data protection policies with industry and regulatory standards. This includes evaluating data security measures, identifying vulnerabilities, and providing recommendations for safeguarding sensitive information. Additionally, we offer Data Protection Officer (DPO) services for organizations required to appoint a DPO under specific data protection regulations.

Audits and assessments to ensure an organization's data protection policies and practices align with industry and regulatory standards.

assessments of an organization's data security measures, identifying vulnerabilities, and recommending improvements to protect sensitive information.

Data Protection Officer (DPO) Services to organizations that require a designated data protection officer under certain data protection regulations.

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Policy for Digital Economy

Development of policies that promote innovation, competition, and growth in the digital economy.

ICT Regulation 

Comprehensive examination of current ICT regulations to evaluate their efficacy, pertinence, and alignment with global standards.

Fintech Policy and Regulation 

Services encompassing advisory, compliance strategy, and market expansion support for FinTech companies.


Customized programs covering policy, compliance, and emerging tech, plus workshops for a deeper regulatory understanding.