Our Services

Fintech Policy and Regulation

Services encompassing advisory, compliance strategy, and market expansion support for FinTech companies. This includes ensuring adherence to financial regulations, assisting with licensing, and evaluating regulatory impacts while promoting innovation and secure digital solutions in the financial technology sector.

Advisory services to FinTech companies on how to comply with financial regulations, including anti-money laundering (AML), know your customer (KYC), and data protection laws.

Assistance to FinTech businesses in developing regulatory strategies to ensure compliance, while also optimizing their operations and innovations.

Guidance to FinTech startups through the process of obtaining the necessary licenses and authorizations to operate legally within the financial sector.

Evaluation of the potential impact of proposed regulations on the FinTech industry, consumers, and innovation.

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Assistance of FinTech companies in entering new markets, including understanding local regulatory requirements and market conditions.

Advice on the development and implementation of secure digital identity and authentication solutions to meet regulatory standards.

Assistance in navigating regulations related to digital payments, mobile wallets, peer-to-peer payment systems and other similar product.

Policy for Digital Economy

Development of policies that promote innovation, competition, and growth in the digital economy.

ICT Regulation 

Comprehensive examination of current ICT regulations to evaluate their efficacy, pertinence, and alignment with global standards.

Data Policy and Security 

Comprehensive services encompassing audits and assessments to align data protection policies with industry and regulatory standards.


Customized programs covering policy, compliance, and emerging tech, plus workshops for a deeper regulatory understanding.