Our Services

ICT Regulation

Analyzing, ensuring compliance, fostering competition, and assisting with licensing in the ICT sector.

In-depth Regulatory Analysis of existing ICT regulations to assess their effectiveness, relevance, and compliance with international standards.

Regulatory Compliance to help businesses understand and adhere to ICT regulations, including licensing requirements, data protection, and consumer protection.

Market studies and competition assessments to inform regulatory decisions and foster a competitive environment in the ICT sector.

Assisting with licensing processes, frequency allocation, and spectrum management for telecommunications and broadcasting services.

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Policy for Digital Economy

Development of policies that promote innovation, competition, and growth in the digital economy.


Customized programs covering policy, compliance, and emerging tech, plus workshops for a deeper regulatory understanding.

Fintech Policy and Regulation 

Services encompassing advisory, compliance strategy, and market expansion support for FinTech companies.

Data Policy and Security 

Comprehensive services encompassing audits and assessments to align data protection policies with industry and regulatory standards.